What are GECON boards?

3 You will appreciate ecological GECON board when building and renovating houses, apartments and garden houses. Due to its unique properties, it offers a broad range of applications: partition walls, casings, sound insulation, thermal insulation, custom design walls… it is currently the only material on the market that provides such a wide range of possibilities while maintaining its unrivalled features and characteristics.
ikonky-28 99% of the board is formed by composite materials (cellulose, plastic, aluminium foil) used in the food industry. ikonky-25 It is produced without the addition of chemicals, pollutants and preservatives (formaldehyde, etc.).
ikonky-23 It achieves excellent technical parameters and it saves its users energy thanks to:

  • thermal insulation properties,
  • moisture resistance,
  • sound insulation properties,
  • preventing echoes,
  • fire resistance


ikonky-21 Assembly and disassembly are simple and there is no need for any special tools. The boards are also highly resistant to mechanical damage and can be safely handled by a layman.
ikonky-30 Complete recyclability guaranteed. ikonky-22 Recycling of packaging materials significantly contributes to reducing CO2 emissions.
ikonky-26 Detailed technical parameters of the individual product categories can be found in the Products section.

Who is GreenCon, s.r.o.?

  • ¬†GreenCon, s.r.o. was founded in 2007 with its headquarters in Bratislava, Slovakia.
  • The manufacturing and commercial expansion of the firm into global markets have led the firm to operate in nine countries so far, namely USA, Russia, Belarus, Austria, Hungary, Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.
  • At the same time, we are preparing for the gradual introduction of our technology to other EU countries.
  • All our products are made using an environmentally friendly process, without the use of chemicals, by which we greatly protect the environment. Using the joint action of temperature, pressure and various natural additives dosed in exact ratio, and other factors, we mass-produce the light, strong material in the form of the “GECON Board”.
  • These boards through their technical, environmental and, last but not least, economical parameters fulfill all the required parameters for the given product category.




Innovation and quality

We think ahead.

Our products have been evolving over the last 11 years.
Our current 5th generation products have been developed with the support of: