Gecon PACK

Gecon PACK boards characteristics make them ideal for making casing and packaging products. Just like the rest of the Gecon boards, they are made without added chemicals and without formaldehyde, they are non-flammable and can be repeatedly recycled.

In comparison with the competition, such as chipboard, Gecon PACK boards have cost advantage. tets

Technical specifications
Property Value
Airborne sound insulation Rw (according to EN ISO 717-1)
Thermal conductivity (according to EN 12667)
Formaldehyde emission category
Length and width tolerance
Thickness tolerance
Diagonal tolerance
Humidity of board
Bending strength in the main axis
Screw pull-out resistance
  • attractive pricing
  • without added chemicals
  • without formaldehyde
  • non-flammable
  • recyclable
  • energy- efficient
  • water-resistant

Real Projects