The use of Gecon PANEL boards is truly wide, from partition walls, dividing rooms and living areas to the construction of cottages, garden houses, sheds, garden offices or houses. Partition walls installed according to instructions achieve excellent technical parameters.

Gecon PANEL is a composite product which is produced by bonding together two Gecon STANDARD boards. Polyurethane foam of different thicknesses and densities is sprayed between the boards.

Gecon PANEL “sandwich” panels and partitions boards consist of an insulating core of rigid polyurethane foam (PUR) which provides very good thermal insulation.

These “sandwich” systems can be used indoors as well as outdoors, where protected from direct weather conditions, they have excellent mechanical, energy, thermal and humidity, sound and fire resistance properties.

Technical specifications
Property Value
Airborne sound insulation Rw (according to EN ISO 717-1)
Thermal conductivity (according to EN 12667)
Formaldehyde emission category
Length and width tolerance
Thickness tolerance
Diagonal tolerance
Board humidity
Bending strength in the main axis
Screw pull-out resistance
Type Thickness
(kg/m3 +/- 5%)
Gecon PANEL 40 with PUR foam 40 1200 x 2700 20 65
Gecon PANEL 60 with PUR foam 60 1200 x 2700 23 74,8
Gecon PANEL 100 with PUR foam 100 1200 x 2700 44 142,8
Gecon PANEL 120
with PUR foam and of fire resistance E60/EI60/EW60
120 1200 x 2700 48 156

* Other required dimensions, types (with sheet metal) Gecon PANEL 40,60,100,120 mm are available for orders over 2000 m2

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